About Us

Fonati family at work

Company's history

Back in 1884, our great grand father David started a leather business. He used to make saddles for horses. The family business was successful and grew exponentially.

Nowadays, the owner Franco Fonati, has 3 leather shops: David2 leather factory, Dante leather factory and David leather factory. All the points of sales are located in Florence city center. They are the exclusive outlets where our products are sold.

Franco owns also a factory which is located in Empoli. It's in the industrial zone near the tanneries that provide the world with "Fine Italian Leather". We hand select skin pieces one by one for each style of our jackets.

We specialise in making high-end leather and fur jackets and coats with unmatched after sales customer service.

When you buy from us, you are buying directly from the designer and the manufacturer.

When the customer enters the store, one of our professionals will recommend the right style and size for him/her. The long years of experience we have, allow us to suggest the right fit and size for each customer. Next, the customer will be shown a wide selection of colors and skins to choose.

We offer our customers the possibility to custom made their jacket. They can choose the length they want, the accessories they prefer, add their initials and a lot more.

The whole sale procedure happens while the customer is offered a glass of our family wine.

We thrive to build relationships with our customers. We offer life time guarantee on all our coats. We ask our customers to email us once they have any problem with their jackets even after many years of purchasing it. Our 5 stars, after sales service, covers cleaning/refreshing the coat, resizing it and replacing a damaged piece. This service is done free of charge

The experience you have in David2 leather factory is something to remember! This has been said by many of our customers in their reviews on trip advisor.com and yelp.com.